November 2009

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Monday 2 November/ Friday 6 November 2009

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Six – A DVD on issues facing many young men

The City of Melville in Perth WA has produced six short films titled ‘Six’. Each film centres around a group of 17 year olds, each character facing his own demons, with themes ranging from self-esteem to crime and drink driving. The stories depict a way out for young men in despair while encouraging help-seeking behaviour. Each film is approximately seven-to-nine minutes long and is aimed at the elusive adolescent male. The professionally-produced short films are being used as catalysts to provoke discussion among young men in high schools and outreach services as well as encouraging resiliency and development of life skills. Further information is available online, go to

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Justice and Legal Issues
The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools

Program 10: Duty of Care: Does it cease at the old school gate?

The school’s duty of care clearly covers a student between the beginning and the end of lessons, and on school property. But does it extend beyond the school gate? The program ends with a look at what might be a reasonable response by a school to issues around bullying and cyber-bullying, such as taking the complaint seriously, taking proper notes, and contacting parents. Interviewees are Professor Des Butler, Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology, and Associate Professor Marilyn Campbell, School of Learning and Professional Studies, Queensland University of Technology

PBA FM acknowledges the support of the Law Foundation of SA in the production of this Community Legal Education initiative.

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Monday 9 November/ Friday 13 November 2009

A Learning Society
The Grammar Disk – Pah!

So how would you go about teaching English – as a second language – to a person who is deaf and whose first language is Auslan – Australian Sign Language? That was the challenge facing Geoff Pearson in Perth. Two years in the making, and with funding through the Federal Government’s Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) program, “The Grammar Disc – Pah!” is a unique learning resource that uses interactive multi-media technology, including video, stills, photography and animation, to bring the rules of English to life for people who are deaf, and with no reference to sound! For further information, go to

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Justice and Legal Issues
Cyber-bullying: Helping young people regain their sense of self worth

And we continue our new series on The Law – Young People, Parents and Schools. Michael O’Connell, South Australia’s Commissioner for Victims Rights, speaks with Tony Ryan with some good advice for families with a child who is a victim of cyber-bullying. All previous programs as mp3 audiofiles, together with a Study Guide for each program, are now available online.

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Professor Gavin BrownScience and Technology
Commentary – Professor Gavin Brown

“I believe it is important to reach the general community, including of course parents, to communicate the excitement of scientific and mathematical discovery, and the powerful consequences of the technology we use”. This is the view of Professor Gavin Brown, inaugural Director of the Royal Institution of Australia. In this exclusive Learning Works commentary, Professor Brown talks about the importance - for Australia’s future - of encouraging students to study mathematics and science. For further information about the Royal Institution of Australia, go to

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Monday 16 November/ Friday 20 November 2009

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Work-Life Balance

Our guest in Learning Works this week is Professor Linda Duxbury, an internationally recognized Canadian expert in work-life balance and organizational change. In this extended interview with PBA FM’s Tony Ryan, Professor Duxbury says:

“For me the real tragedy is that our managers are the most over-worked, over-stressed group in the organization right now, and we blame them for not managing. But I say, people have to recognize that the typical manager in Australia right now is working a 51 hour week, 70% can’t get their work done in the 51 hours, and they are doing another 31 hours, so four days of unpaid overtime per month.”

Linda Duxbury is a Professor at the Carleton University School of Business and the Director of Research at the Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work. She was in Adelaide mid-year to present a series of lectures on work-life balance. This program was first broadcast in July 2009.

For further information about Professor Duxbury, go to

Monday 23 November/ Friday 27 November 2009

Justice and Legal Issues
The Law Spot – Program 12

We have been exploring issues around families and cyber-bullying. In this program, the focus is squarely on what families could do if a child is being cyber-bullied. Removing the child’s mobile phone or curtailing internet access may be merely making the child a victim yet again.

A Learning Society
So what is a Philosophy Café?

Workplace trainer and philosopher, Reverend Nicholas Rundle explains how Philosophers’ Cafes can assist with lifelong learning, much as poetry in the pub events can attract and involve diverse audiences.

Film Review - The Boys are Back

John J McGowan looks at another movie shot in Australia, this time south of Adelaide. British actor Clive Owen leads an excellent cast, with a backdrop of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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