November 2008

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Monday 3 November / Friday 7 November 2008

A Learning Society
Computing for Seniors - with Nan Bosler OAM

In late 2007, Nan Bosler was named the APIA/Adult Learning Australia Learning Ambassador of the Year. In the past twelve months, she has carried the flag for Adult Learning in Australia, and also attended conferences in South Korea, South America and New Zealand. PBA FM’s Tony Ryan caught up with Nan Bosler during the recent Adult Learning Australia National Conference in Fremantle WA, to find out about her experiences over the past twelve months.

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A Learning Society
Older Men in Rural Australia

If you have ever worked on a farm, you will know just how involved you can get in the regular routines and the seasons that shape the work to be done on a farm. So what do farmers do when they retire? And indeed, what are some of the issues facing men and women in rural Australia when they come to that time of life when they need to leave work and enjoy what is called retirement. Dr Ros Foskey is now with the University of Tasmania – but for the past sixteen years, she has worked in northern New South Wales, in the New England region around the city of Armidale. She has a special interest in retirement and what it means especially for older men in rural Australia.

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Monday 10 November / Friday 14 November 2008

A Learning Society
Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 5 of 7 – Financial Literacy and Visual Literacy

The findings of a national adult literacy survey, released at the end of 2007, indicate that almost half of the adult population do not have adequate literacy skills for everyday life and work. (Making Literacy Everybody’s Business. Report and Action Plan, September 2008, Government of South Australia. The full report is available on ) In Let’s Talk Secret Codes this week, we look at the importance of financial literacy – and these days, many people are quickly finding out about superannuation as an important part of financial literacy; and also how we learn to navigate by means of visual literacy – most obviously roadsigns. Contributors in this program are Fran Edwards (Language Literacy and Numeracy Program SA, Federal Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations), Judy Perkins (English Language Services, TAFE SA) and Veronika Kelly (SA School of Art, University of South Australia).

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A Learning Society
Community Economic Development – Armadale Western Australia

Understanding and valuing economic development in our local community is an important first step to understanding these issues at the national or international level. In this interview, recorded recently in Fremantle at the annual conference of Adult Learning Australia, Aileen Boyer speaks about women-centred community economic development through the Armadale Family Community Centre, and the importance of a wholistic approach to working with people. Armadale is in the southern metropolitan area of Perth WA.

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Film Reviews – Burn After Reading, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth

This black comedy deals with the antics of a group of diverse characters who live in and around the town of Langley, Virginia USA, where the CIA has its headquarters. To find out more about this current film, and to hear a word or two about Journey to the Centre of the Earth, another great movie to see in 3-D, listen to the November film review by our resident film critic, film producer and author, John J McGowan.

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Monday 17 November / Friday 21 November 2008

A Learning Society
Supporting Learning Communities

Jim Saleeba and Warwick CheatleJim Saleeba, a founder member of the Australian Learning Communities Network, in conversation with Manager ACE and Communities Partnership Unit for the SA Department of Further Education Employment Science and Technology, Warwick Cheatle, during the Australian Learning Communities Network National Conference in Adelaide in October 2008.

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In Learning Works this week, facilitating the growth of learning communities. The full program is devoted to interviews recorded at the Australian Learning Communities Network National Conference, in Adelaide in late October 2008, and features interviews about emerging learning communities in Western Australia, Victoria and North Queensland. The program includes interviews with education researcher Peter Kearns OAM, Founder member of the Australian Learning Communities Network Jim Saleeba, Professor Andrew Vann, Pro-Vice Chancellor of James Cook University in Townsville along with Barbara Pearson and Dr Judith Jensen from Learning North Queensland, and also with Catherine Arden from the University of Southern Queensland. The role of local government is strongly emphasized throughout the program.

Professor Roger Harris (UniSA), Dr Peter Willis (UniSA) and Mary Hannan (ALCN)Also photographed at the Australian Learning Communities Network National Conference in Adelaide are Professor Roger Harris (UniSA), Dr Peter Willis (UniSA) and Mary Hannan (ALCN).


Monday 24 November / Friday 28 November 2008

A Learning Society
Literacy and the World of Work

Program six in our new series Let’s Talk Secret Codes. Contributors are Associate Professor Robert Adams, University of Adelaide; Fran Edwards, Federal Department of Employment Education and Workplace Relations, and Dr Sue Shore, University of South Australia.

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A Learning Society
Students as Active Citizens - Angus McFarland

From the 2008 Australian Learning Communities Network National Conference in Adelaide in late October 2008 – Connecting Faces, Places, Spaces - we hear an edited version (for timing reasons) of the keynote address by Angus McFarland, President of the National Union of Students. Angus speaks about a growing awareness of the importance of initiatives in universities in the areas of student driven culture and leadership, improving access to campus life, bringing community engagement into the curriculum, and citizenship beyond university.

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