November 05

Program summaries for Take Time, and for selected programs, some additional resources for listeners to follow up on the program.

Friday 4 November 2005

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships
Community gardens - a healthy confluence!

This week's Take Time program is fully devoted to community gardens in SA. Recorded last Saturday 29 October 2005, at an open day at the Duck Flat Community Garden, part of Mt Barker and District Health Services Inc, the program is based on an interview with the coordinator of Duck Flat Community Garden Tess Minett, and several of the visitors from other community gardens in SA. Also in this feature program, Rosemary Neal, executive officer of the SA Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association, speaks about the importance of the community gardens movement across South Australia. The health and wellbeing benefits are a focus of the program.

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Friday 11 November 2005

Work and Career
Under-employed? Then find out about The Work Bank
With the decline in the number of permanent full-time or part-time jobs in Australia, some people find themselves unable to find fulltime work - in other words, they may consider themselves to be under-employed, if not unemployed.

The Work Bank is an initiative that assists self employed individuals to access "fragmented" work - that is, a few hours work here and there, or very short term contracts.

Tony Ryan talks with Shandy Arlidge, Operations Manager with The Work Bank, which is funded through the SA Government and supported by Anglicare SA, and is based in the Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth.

Media, Film and Technology
Film Review by John McGowan - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

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Friday 18 November 2005

Repeated by popular request

Resilience – Part 2
Today we return to that word Resilience, and to author, journalist and advocate for mental health and wellbeing, Anne Deveson. During her recent visit to South Australia, Tony Ryan recorded this extended and exclusive interview with Anne Deveson.

For audio (MP3), click here (As this is a 30 minute radio program (27Mb), it will take some time to download)

Friday 25 November 2005

With holidays coming up, what about a good book to read - one which has a focus on some aspect of the history of South Australia. Jan Gaebler reviews several books with a SA theme.

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Also during the holidays, what can parents and grandparents do to ensure the safety of their kids online? Tony Ryan interviews Elizabeth Handsley from Flinders University and Vice President of Young Media Australia.

And finally which Adelaide institution celebrates its 80th birthday this week? If you are into movies, you might already know the answer. It's part of John McGowan's final film review for 2005.

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All this - and more - in the final Take Time program for 2005, with Tony Ryan - at 9 o'clock this Friday morning, right here on community first - PBA FM.


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