May 2006

Program summaries for Learning Works, and for selected programs, some additional resources for listeners to follow up on the program.

Week Beginning 1 May 2006

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Conflict at work and at home - It can be very good for you!

So what is conflict? And is it just a bad thing? Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw from the University of South Australia sees conflict as good for us, providing we know how to handle conflict, and work towards the resolution of conflict. And yes, peace at any price at home, is just not good for anyone. Today, we explore the place of conflict in our lives - at home, at work, in our neighbourhood and in our world.

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Literature, Language and Music
Meet Colin Thiele - Part 3

This week, we continued our extended interview with educator and much loved children's author Colin Thiele, and heard about his university days and teachers college.

Week beginning 8 May 2006

Media and Technology
Changing your world with technology!

Information Communication Technology (or ICT) is certainly here to stay, and most small businesses and many not for profit organizations are very much involved in using new technology in a variety of ways.

Community Information Strategies Australia organized the recent 2006 CommunIT Conference – on the theme of Changing Your World with Technology – the digital means to the social end. A keynote speaker at this conference was Nicola Thompson, who, through the United Kingdom’s ICT Hub – works closely with many voluntary and not for profit organizations throughout the UK. We also hear from three of the conference participants about how ICT impacts on their work, and from Doug Jacquier, CEO of Communications Information Strategies Australia.

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Literature, Language and Music
Meet Colin Thiele – Part 4

And we continue with our series Meet Colin Thiele – a legendary educator and award winning author. Today we hear about his first teaching appointment, just as the second world war was getting under way.

Week beginning Monday 15 May 2006

Training and Work
"I didn't know!" - some legal and other matters for association officers

Are you a member of a board of a voluntary organisation? Are you a part time or fulltime executive officer of a not-for profit association? If you think of the not-for-profit organisations that you, or your family, come into contact with regularly - sporting, community, school or neighbourhood house - or think of those charities that come to your door, what professional development is needed to ensure that these organisations work effectively, whether managed by volunteers or by a small paid staff? The number of such associations around Australia is believed to be in the order of 700,000!

In Learning Works this week, John Teres - National Executive Officer of the Australian Society of Association Executives - is interviewed by Tony Ryan. Their website is

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Literature Language and Music
Meet Colin Thiele - Part 5

We continue with excerpts from an extended oral history interview with Colin Thiele, and hear of his early teaching days in Port Lincoln, the basis of one of his early novels for young people - Blue Fin!

Week beginning Monday 22 May 2006

Justice and Legal Issues
Opening Doors to the Law

Around Australia, each State and Territory holds a Law Week. This week, Law Week is being held in South Australia, with the theme Opening Doors to the Law. In Learning Works this week, Tony Ryan speaks with Michael O’Connell, Chair of the Law Week Committee in South Australia, and to Stephen Walsh QC, President of the SA Institute of Justice Studies about how law week helps to raise awareness of legal matters, and to help in breaking down those barriers to accessing the law.

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Justice and Legal Issues
Seven Minute Legal – Come and Live with us Mum – Part 1

Over the next few weeks in Learning Works, we will be looking at the issue of elder abuse. Come and live with us Mum may seem to be an unusual series title. Yet examples of abuse relating to home and money came up quite often during the interviews. With the support of the Law Foundation of South Australia, this series will help to raise public awareness of the issue of elder abuse and be a timely reminder that abuse of any kind, and in this instance, of older Australians, is not OK.

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Week Beginning Monday 29 May

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Healthy GPs?

Each day, our GPs see many patients, all of them with health problems. So what about the health of our GPs themselves? Do they take care of themselves? And how do they achieve some kind of work/life balance when there is a growing shortage of GPs in many parts of Australia, including in rural Australia and now in many metropolitan areas as well. Tony Ryan speaks with Kate Carnell, former Chief Minister of the ACT, and now Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Divisions of General Practice.

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Literature, Language and Music
Meet Colin Thiele - Part 6

We continue with excerpts from an extended interview with Colin Thiele, educator and award winning children's author. This week the focus continues to be on his early teaching career beginning in Port lincoln, the tuna capital of Australia.

Justice and Legal Issues
Come and Live with Us Mum - Part 2

The second in a series of ten short programs on elder abuse. This project was made possible with assistance from the Law Foundation of South Australia.

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