March 2009

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Monday 2 March / Friday 6 March 2009

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A Learning Society
In the Aftermath of Tragedy - Role of Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria

The vital role of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres in Victoria is highlighted in this interview with Clare Corbet, Information Resource Coordinator with the Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres in Victoria. For a very moving and comprehensive account of the great work done by Neighbourhood Houses across Victoria at this difficult time, see the link on

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Justice and Legal Studies
Medical Decision Making – Young People (Part 3 of 3)

In this, the final of three short interviews on medical decision making by or with or for young people, Tony Ryan speaks to Dr Tamara Zutlevics, Patient Ethicist at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. PBA FM acknowledges the support of the Law Foundation of South Australia; as a community legal education initiative, programs on young people and the law will be broadcast from time to time throughout 2009.

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Discussion Starter 1 Access to Medical Records
Discussion Starter 2 Age of Consent
Discussion Starter 3 Refusal of Consent on Religious Grounds
Discussion Starter 4 Abortion
Discussion Starter 5 Donation Procedures

Cinema Reviews
“Slumdog Millionaire”

And the winner is…Slumdog Millionaire! But why? What is it about this Anglo-Indian movie that the Hollywood Academy saw fit to place it amongst the most highly-awarded movies of all time, giving it the Oscar for Best Picture and seven other Oscars to boot? So begins John J McGowan in his review of this award-winning film. The full transcript, along with the mp3 audiofile, will be online during the week.

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Monday 9 March / Friday 13 March 2009

Education and Schools
The Compulsory Education Age in South Australia

From 1 January 2009, all 16 year olds are required to be in full time education or training until they achieve a qualification or turn 17. The ‘compulsory education age' law applies to young people who are over 16 and until they turn 17, and includes young people enrolled in a Government, Catholic or Independent school. PBA FM’s Tony Ryan speaks with Chris Robinson, Chief Executive of the Department of Education and Children’s Services.

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A Learning Society
Mawson Lakes – A Learning Community

Lifelong learning for people of all ages and backgrounds is a reality at Mawson Lakes. World-class facilities deliver access to innovative educational opportunities for residents, students and businesses. Education is a cornerstone of the Mawson Lakes community, utilising Mawson Lakes’ world-class educational facilities. Dr Stan Salagaris and Annie Payne from the Mawson Lakes Centre speak about the special partnerships with education providers to pioneer innovative ways of learning at Mawson Lakes.

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Monday 16 March / Friday 20 March 2009

A Learning Society
Meet Dawn Kelson – Coordinator, Gawler Community House

Frequently in Learning Works, we hear about learning journeys. Well, here is a special one. From a time of social isolation as a young mother, to fronting up to her local community house, through to being appointed coordinator of the Gawler Community House in South Australia, the learning journey of Dawn Kelson is inspirational. We hear of the programs being run through this centre, and of the people who, like Dawn, first come in when times are tough, and find strength and purpose to make something of their lives.

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Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Homelessness - A Reality for Many Young People

To many of us, the word homelessness has been part of our vocabulary for a long time. But more and more these days, the reality of homelessness touches more of us. If you know of a young person who is “couch-surfing”, well that is just one of the major forms of homelessness these days, according to Jennifer Duncan, Executive Director of the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (YACSA). In this extended conversation with PBA FM’s Tony Ryan, recorded on 17 October – Anti Poverty Day in Australia - Jennifer Duncan looks at the physical and mental effects of homelessness on young people, and at some of the positive things being done in South Australia to address this problem. For further information on homelessness, see the policy platform pages of the Youth Advisory Council of SA. (Repeat Interview)

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Monday 23 March / Friday 27 March 2009

A Learning Society
The Market and the Dance – Informal Learning in Action

”Trust, cohesion and inclusiveness are evident at dances and markets where the pleasure of the event is maximised by collective participation and success of the activities is multi-tiered. Fundraising for local charity, the small scale production of goods, or sale of self grown produce are local initiatives, marginal to but not disassociated from, the wider economy. All these activities foster community building and in addition to performing a role as hubs of social interaction they are also responses to socio-economic deficits and change.” de Carteret, Phoenix: People, place and purpose: informal learning in community – see

In this interview, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan speaks with Dr Phoenix de Carteret about the place of markets and dances in informal community learning. Dr de Carteret also speaks about her recent experience in the Victorian bushfires, as a member of staff at Monash University’s Churchill Campus.

Reference: Diverse pleasures: informal learning in community. Phoenix de Carteret. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, Volume 48, Number 3, November 2008.

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Arts Literature and Music
A Good Read – The Librarian

From Salisbury Library Service, Robert Rungkat looks at The Librarian – in fiction and in the reality of the changing libraries of today.

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Monday 30 March / Friday 3 April 2009

Arts Literature and Music
Bobby Dazzler – Celebrating the Helpmann Centenary

Sir Robert Helpmann was a notable South Australian dancer, actor choreographer and director, and on 9 April, we celebrate the centenary of his birth, in Mount Gambier. Bobby Dazzler is the title of an exhibition at the Adelaide Festival Centre celebrating his life and his many achievements. Tony Ryan speaks with Jo Peoples, Exhibition Coordinator, Performing Arts Collection, Adelaide Festival Centre about this great South Australian artist.

Arts Literature and Music
Three Dog Night – Meet author Peter Goldsworthy

Based on the award-winning novel of the same name by Adelaide GP and writer Peter Goldsworthy, Three Dog Night begins in the Adelaide Hills, and journeys to the vast expanse of the Australian outback, taking us deep into the desert of the human soul. For Learning Works, Norman Athersmith speaks to Peter Goldsworthy about his life and writings.

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Two movies directed by Clint Eastwood – Gran Torino and Changling

“Two of the best movies you’re ever likely to see are currently on simultaneous release – and they are both directed by a man who is seventy nine years old. The guy also has the delightful impertinence to play the lead role in one of these movies, putting together one of the best character performances recorded on screen.” So writes Learning Works’ resident film critic John J McGowan in this the next of his regular film reviews, with a focus on director and actor Clint Eastwood.

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