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Monday 06 June 2011 at 8.30pm CST
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Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Transitions - From Boyhood to Manhood

Frequently in Learning Works, we have looked at men’s health and wellbeing, and also at older men’s learning and the involvement of men around Australia in the Men’s Shed movement. But what about our boys – how are they faring in the 21st century. The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies believes that, as a society, we are somewhat reticent in affirming very much that is good about boys, especially in their often difficult and lonely transition from boyhood to manhood. Sadly, they say, our understanding of boys (and males in general) has been informed more by stereotypes than evidence. And this is not without consequences for young males, whose behaviours, and often too mental health issues, are observed with concern by members of the medical profession and of course by parents, and educators alike. Recently in Adelaide, the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies convened a gathering of professionals to look specifically at some of the issues facing young males in contemporary culture; with the aim of coming up with strategies that will be of benefit to boys, and facilitate their healthier development and transition towards becoming the next generation of men. To find out more about current thinking about some of the difficulties and challenges of the transition from boyhood to manhood, Learning Works’ Tony Ryan spoke to Stephen Toon, Director of Consultancy and Community Services, with the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies. Interviews with two international keynote speakers at the Symposium were also recorded – with Dr Miles Groth (United States of America) and Celia Lashlie (New Zealand)

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Interview – Stephen Toon (AIMHS) – The transition from boyhood to manhood - Duration 13’36”

Interview – Celia Lashlie (NZ) – The world of adolescent boys in the twenty first century - Duration 16’23”

Interview – Dr Miles Groth (USA) – Part 1 - The boy is father to the man – Duration 21’26”

Interview – Dr Miles Groth (USA) – Part 2 - The boy is father to the man – Duration 19’06”

Website – Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies –

A Learning Society
Building Resilience – Christie Downs Community House

The media is often taken to task for emphasizing issues, problems and bad news stories. Well, not so Learning Works. Throughout our six and a half years on air, we have often looked at people, their learning journeys and their achievements, in the workplace or in their local communities. The bottom line has always been the strengths in all of us, and the resilience that we have to help us through those difficult times. Recently I met up with Allison Angus, who is passionate about her work as Community Development Officer at the Christie Downs Community House, a seaside area to the south of the Adelaide CBD, and about her strong belief in identifying family strengths and building personal resilience.

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Monday 13 June 2011 at 8.30pm CST
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A Learning Society
Case Study – Pasti Italiani e Servizi per Anziani

PISA (Pasti Italiani e Servizi per Anziani) is a community based, government-assisted service that delivers hot authentic Italian meals to the elderly Italian community in Adelaide. The service offers clients affordable, nutritious meals and day to day friendly contact. The service is aimed at: frail aged persons, disabled persons of all ages and persons living in isolation and who are socially marginalized. Website –

With almost 200 hot meals to be prepared and delivered each day, how is this service organised, what is the role of volunteers, and what training is essential to ensure compliance with food standards etc. PBA FM’s Tony Ryan speaks with PISA General Manager Kelley Russo about the role of PISA in the community, and her own professional learning, including study towards an Advanced Certificate in Community Services.

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Cinema Studies
The Last Round Up!

This week in Learning Works, John J McGowan looks at endings – in films and in real life. He also reviews a great current movie – Water for Elephants. Sadly, with Learning Works about to join every other radio program ever made in the big audio archive in outer space before the end of June, this is John’s last review for Learning Works – in over six years, he has written and presented more than fifty reviews, covering over 100 films, in that time. And he has been interviewed about his landmark book on his famous namesake, Terowie-born John Patrick McGowan – J. P. McGowan – Biography of a Hollywood Pioneer (McFarland and Co, 2004).

John McGowan and Tony RyanThe good news is that these Learning Works reviews continue to be available on the Learning Works website.

Thanks John for a great contribution to Learning Works, and yes, we will certainly remember your invitation at the end of each review - “see you in the back stalls!”

Caption: John McGowan (left) and Tony Ryan

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Monday 20 June 2011 at 8.30pm CST
Repeat Friday 24 June 2011 at 9am CST

A Learning Society
Building Family Resilience

Present day pressures on families feature almost daily in our broadcast media and newspapers. With a string of natural disasters in some parts of Australia and with the ever increasing cost of living in Australia, many families need to find every bit of resilience they can muster in order to survive in difficult times. And of course, difficult times in families can have an immediate impact on the education of young people.

The Family Learning Network, an initiative of Northern Area Community and Youth Services, aims to assist young people in schools – and their families – to make the most of learning opportunities, even in difficult times. Tony Ryan is speaking with Case Worker Michelle Phillips, about the Family Learning Network, based in the Adelaide suburb of Davoren Park.

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A Learning Society
Hive! An Initiative for Youth
City of Tea Tree Gully

Many local government authorities are actively involved in assisting young people by providing drop-in centres that enable ready access to information and support. To find out about Hive! - a new development for the youth in the City of Tea Tree Gully, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan spoke with Maggie L’Estrange, Team Leader for Neighbourhood and Youth Development Programs with the City of Tea Tree Gully, a north eastern suburb of Adelaide.

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Arts, Literature and Music
Libraries into the Future

What is the future of libraries in this age of ever expanding digital technologies? And how do libraries adapt to the changing needs of their local community? A regular contributor for many years to Learning Works is Sandhya Burton, from Salisbury Library Service. To mark this final program in the Learning Works project, Tony Ryan spoke to Sandhya Burton in the studios of PBA FM.

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