June 2009

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Monday 01 June / Friday 05 June 2009

A Learning Society
Building Better Boards – Program 5 of 5

In this short series, we look at just some of the strategies which will ensure that your board is “organised, efficient and knowledgeable”. How can your board be re-vitalised? And what is the importance of good management committees in the not for profit sector in these difficult financial times? Interviewees are Brett de Hoedt, Mayor of Hootville Communications, and Dr Rhonda Galbally AO, Chief Executive Officer of Our Community.

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Adult Learning in Action
Learning to be drier! A not-to-be-missed interview

Associate Professor Barry Golding (University of Ballarat) is leading a team of researchers looking at adult learning through changes in water availability in four Australian Southern Murray Darling Basin communities. The particular research interest is in the situated learning experiences of water users, stakeholders and managers as they adapt to a drier environment. The broader interest and expertise is about adults learning in community settings. Associate Professor Golding visited Adelaide recently – PBA FM’s Tony Ryan spoke to him about learning to be drier!

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Monday 08 June / Friday 12 June 2009

A Learning Society
Port Lincoln’s Community House

Learning Works has frequently featured neighbourhood centres, but mostly from areas in and around Adelaide. In this program, we hear about how a neighbourhood house in Port Lincoln provides much needed programs and support for the local community in a beautiful area of South Australia, but where some people can be isolated by distance from the services which those of us in cities can take for granted. At the recent Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres (CANH) State Conference, Learning Works’ producer Tony Ryan spoke with Anita Taylor from the Community House in Port Lincoln.

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A Learning Society
Building Public Speaking Skills

Meet Catie Speight, a young businesswoman in Adelaide who has started her own naturopathy business, and who has also decided to take active steps to build her skills and confidence in public speaking. This interview was recorded at the WEA in Adelaide during a recent visit by Jana Barnhill, International President of Toastmasters International – both Catie Speight and Jana Barnhill contribute to this interview with Tony Ryan.

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Arts Literature and Music
A Good Read - “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss

This book, the first in the new Kingkiller Chronicles, is a tale about a magically gifted young man who grows to be a most notorious wizard. Author Patrick Rothfuss teaches English at the University of Wisconsin, and describes himself as a perpetual student, role playing geek, and connoisseur of rejection letters. Coralie Marshall from the Salisbury Library Service prepared this review for Learning Works.

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Monday 15 June / Friday 19 June 2009

A Learning Society
Older Men’s Learning

Men over the age of fifty comprise a minority of participants in most adult learning settings, including in Adult Community Education (ACE). Associate Professor Barry Golding from the University of Ballarat in Victoria is leading a team of researchers into the learning that happens elsewhere for older men, other than in the workplace.

Associate Professor Golding said that his team members are interested in talking to and surveying men over the age of fifty about the learning that occurs through their participation in a range of community-based organisations.

“An obvious place to look is in sporting organisations, but there are other places where men prefer to go. Our research is directed towards places men go, rather than where men don’t go”, he said.

“We will survey and interview men over age fifty (in work, out of work or retired) in a wide range of community organizations in three states.”

Associate Professor Golding added that the learning in fire and emergency service, ambulance and surf rescue organisations is often a matter of life and death, and is a good example of this learning. Community men’s sheds also provide productive and positive spaces for some older men.

This interview with Associate Professor Barry Golding was recorded at Adelaide Airport, following his recent visits in SA to Aldinga, Christies Beach and Ceduna.

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Monday 22 June / Friday 26 July 2009

A Learning Society
Engaging All Ages, through Neighbourhood Houses in SA

So what are neighbourhood houses and community centres? Around South Australia, there are over eighty community centres associated with the Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Inc (known as CANH), established to provide support to, and advocacy for, Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses, and to assist in the delivery of the best quality service to Centre and House participants.

At the recent CANH State Conference, Learning Works’ producer Tony Ryan spoke with CANH’s Sector Development Officer Janet Brinkworth, about the theme of the conference – Engaging All Ages – about the range of programs and services available through many of the neighbourhood houses across South Australia, and about the important role of volunteers in this sector.

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Film Review – State of Play

Learning Works’ resident film reviewer John J McGowan says in the introduction to this review “If you go to see State of Play, and I would recommend that you do, make sure that you are in your seat and have the popcord organised well before the start of the movie. You don’t want to miss the opening sequence!” To find out more, tune in to Learning Works this week, or check out the text and/or podcast of this review on the website –

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Monday 29 June / Friday 03 July 2009

Education and Schools
Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

In Learning Works this week, the focus is on teaching and learning in the digital age, and on ensuring that student learning is real, authentic.

Recently in Geelong Victoria, the Australian College of Educators facilitated a Digital Fair, as part of its celebrations of fifty years of service to Australian educators. A range of speakers addressed topics relating to students and digital technology, teaching and learning schools and in further education and training, the changing role of the teacher/facilitator, and how students really learn in this digital age.

Contributors to this radio program include Associate Professor Katherine Moyle, from the University of Canberra, and Debbie Soccio, from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in Victoria. Also heard in the program are Lesley Lee from the Australian International School in Malaysia, Phillip Roberts from Bowral High School in NSW, John Duncan from the Australian Technical College Gippsland Victoria, and Bill Sultmann from Catholic Education in Cairns Queensland.

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