July 2009

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Monday 06 July / Friday 10 July 2009

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Work-Life Balance

Our guest in Learning Works this week is a visiting Canadian academic, Professor Linda Duxbury, an internationally recognized expert in work-life balance and organizational change.

In this extended interview with PBA FM’s Tony Ryan, Professor Duxbury says:

“For me the real tragedy is that our managers are the most over-worked, over-stressed group in the organization right now, and we blame them for not managing. But I say, people have to recognize that the typical manager in Australia right now is working a 51 hour week, 70% can’t get their work done in the 51 hours, and they are doing another 31 hours, so four days of unpaid overtime per month.”

Linda Duxbury is a Professor at the Carleton University School of Business and the Director of Research at the Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work.

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Monday 13 July / Friday 17 July 2009

A Learning Society
Training and Skills in the Mining Industry

So what is your image of the mining industry? Big trucks and men with hard hats and blackened faces? Well, as you will hear in Learning Works this week, there’s much more to the mining industry than that. Learning work’s PBA FM Tony Ryan spoke to Deb Jones, Manager Program Delivery with the Mining Industry Skills Centre in Brisbane, and also spoke to her about a new DVD now being planned for Adult Learners Week.

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A Learning Society
Retaining your Volunteers

Also in the program, volunteers! Do volunteers of different ages work well together? And what does your organization need to do to retain and involve volunteers? Our guest this week is Diane Adamson, from Adamson and Associates in Sydney – Diane Adamson has a passion for optimizing personal and organizational performance.

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Arts Literature and Music
A Good Read – President Obama: The Path to the White House

“Barack Obama was to me one of the most interesting candidates to run for president in a long time, and it was with great curiosity that I followed his campaign and other media about him.” So writes Sandhya Burton from Salisbury Library Service in this Learning Works’ review of a very readable account of President Obama’s road to the presidency.

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Monday 20 July / Friday 23 July 2009

A Learning Society
Adult Learners Week Project, through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Queensland has received an Adult Learners’ Week grant from DEEWR to undertake a project to promote learning through small business enterprises in that state. It is likely that other states will also be involved. In Brisbane recently PBA FM’s Tony Ryan spoke with Megan Lewis from CCIQ about the learning needs in small business and about the early plans for Adult Learners Week.

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Be Active – All Ages

“Today's world of modern technology, increased reliance on motorised transport, and increased demands at work and home, amongst other factors, has meant that as a community, we do much less physical activity than we used to. In fact, only half of South Australian adults are doing enough physical activity, and there has also been a concerning decline in the level of physical activity in children as well. Be active is a South Australian message established by the State Government to get more South Australians more active, more often. With such a fantastic state in which to be active, there are many opportunities for all of us!” (See

During the recent Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association State Conference, Tony Ryan spoke with Keynote Speaker Frazer Keegan, Manager Physical Activity Branch, Office for Recreation and Sport, about engaging all ages in physical activity.

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A Learning Society
So what is Air Gondwana?

Professor Des Butler, from the Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology, has replaced the traditional approach to teaching Law students about negotiation skills, with Air Gondwana, a multimedia program which is centres on the dealings of a fictional airline, and aims “to create an engaging and authentic learning experience for millennial students”. Learning Works’ producer Tony Ryan speaks with Professor Butler in Brisbane about this approach to teaching negotiation skills, by utilizing virtual worlds for an authentic learning experience.

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Monday 27 July / Friday 31 July 2009

A Learning Society
Triple A Training – For Indigenous Broadcasters

This week in Learning Works, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan visits 98.9FM in Brisbane, the home of Triple A Training, providing accredited training for people wishing to gain radio training to contribute to the National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS).

”Ever wanted to become a radio presenter or a sound technician? Or are you currently working within the radio industry and would like a formal qualification to recognise your current skills and knowledge? Whatever the case - Triple A Training is a great place to start! We are a private not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation that delivers nationally recognised certificate courses in radio broadcasting.

The courses are flexibly delivered using renowned eLearning techniques, and students are offered the chance to work with industry-standard broadcasting equipment and software. Our certificate courses delivered from the CUF01 Film, Television, Radio and Multimedia National Training Package.”

From the Triple A Training Website:

“The mission of the National Indigenous Radio Service is To provide an effective national voice for all Indigenous people and to bring a better understanding of Indigenous culture to Australian society. The National Indigenous Radio Service Limited (NIRS) is a national service provided from a hub station residing in Brisbane. It networks material for Indigenous media organisations as a supplement to their own broadcasts, enabling them to provide a 24-hour high quality service to their audience.

From the National Indigenous Radio Service Website:

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