July 2007

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Week Beginning Monday 02 July

A Learning Society
Calling all visual artists!

As part of 2007 Adult Learners’ Week, visual artists in and around Adelaide are now being encouraged to lodge entries for an art exhibition to showcase in September the talents of visual artists. Tony Ryan speaks to Patrick Wright, Chair of the Adult Community Education Reference Group of the SA Training and Skills Commission, and to Sue Ross, Manager of the ACE and Community Partnerships Unit of the South Australian Department of Further Education Employment Science and Technology. Details of the Art Exhibition are now online: and go to Adult Learners’ Week.

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Education and Schools
What Makes a Good Teacher?

When asked about those people who have had a big influence on us during our lives, most people recall a special teacher. Teachers and schools are much in the news these days, but rarely for the extra-ordinary influence they have on most of their students. So what makes a good teacher? And what are the expectations on our teachers in the 21st century? Contributors include Louise Bywaters from The Leadership Practice in Adelaide, and Professor Geoff Masters, CEO of the Australian Council for Educational Research in Melbourne.

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Week Beginning Monday 09 July

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
“Why wouldn’t you feel happy coming here!”

Volunteering in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Retirement and then a serious illness have not prevented our guest today from finding deep fulfillment as a volunteer guide at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. In this full-length program, find out about the work of volunteers in this beautiful setting in the heart of Adelaide, as Tony Ryan takes a tour with volunteer guide Laine Langridge, whose doctor had said “Find something to bring joy into your life” as part of the process of recovering from illness. We also hear from Katrina Nietscke, Manager of Public Programs and Community Education at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Week Beginning Monday 16 July

A Learning society
So what is Food Tourism?

A recent visitor to the University of Adelaide, Robb Mason from Victoria University in Melbourne, reflects on the importance to Australia, and to South Australia in particular, of Wine and Food Tourism.

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A Learning Society

In this interview, we find out about some of the history of masks, and how masks can help reveal our true creative selves. The program also includes some first information on Mascapades workshops to be held around SA in the next few weeks. Contributors include adult educators Jenny McCormick and Heather Hewitt, and Glen Reynolds from Arts Excentrix.

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Week Beginning Monday 23 July

Social History
The Deadliest Plague in History – The Spanish Flu of 1918/19

It is often overshadowed by the horrors of World War One. But the Spanish Flu has been described by US author John M Barry as the deadliest plague in history, with some 60 million deaths around the world directly attributed to this pandemic. Produced and presented by Tony Ryan, this full-length program features a much treasured family recording with his Great-Aunt Kathleen Woodgate, who in 1919 went into voluntary quarantine in Cooma NSW to care for his mother, then aged three, and the other members of the Kerin family already bereaved through two influenza-related deaths and a miscarriage. Also featured, Professor Chris Burrell from School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Adelaide speaks about the impact of this world-wide epidemic in Australia, and in South Australia.

Related Resources:
Barry, John M. The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History (Viking 2004)

Monday 30 July / Friday 03 August

A Learning Society
Streets of Learning

As part of Adult Learners’ Week in 2007, the Streets of Learning project provides opportunities for adult learners across South Australia to look afresh at their local community, to explore and experience the diverse range of learning opportunities - from the local TAFE Campus and community house, through to museums and art galleries.

To find out about some of the planning for Streets of Learning, Tony Ryan speaks with Marie Smith from the Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (CANH), and with Jan Brown, Community Development Officer at the Woodcroft/Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre, Raelene Klinger, Coordinator for the Reedbeds Community Centre in West Torrens, and Karene Crooks, Neighbourhood Development Officer for the City of Prospect. Further information is available through

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A Learning Society
A Guided Tour of the Adelaide Festival Centre

Many people find great joy in volunteering some of their time to an organisation of their choice. This is certainly the case with Norman Athersmith and Clare Walsh, two guides at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Today with Clare and Norman, we get to look – rather hear – behind the scenes at Adelaide’s major performing arts venue. Further information about the Adelaide Festival Centre is online at

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