July 2005

Program summaries for Learning Works, and for selected programs, some additional resources for listeners to follow up on the program.

Friday 1 July

Film Review – Batman Begins
Learning Works’s film reviewer John J McGowan reports on the new film Batman Begins

Audio (MP3): To hear the interview in full with John McGowan, click here.
Fact Sheet: Film Review: Batman Begins

Get to Know Mozart – Part 1
We begin a five-part series featuring a very small selection of the music of Mozart. Beginning with an overview program, the series will include a gentle introduction to an opera, some of Mozart’s church music, and excerpts from the concerto repertoire, including a Horn Concerto and a Piano Concerto. Today, some brief background to Mozart and his times, and an overview of his music.

Friday 8 July

And yes, we learn at work too!
Learn @ Work is one of the themes of the 2005 Adult Learners Week, which was launched on 5 July in Canberra. Now celebrating its tenth year, Adult Learners Week, which is held nationally in the first week of September, is introduced by Ron Anderson, Executive Director of Adult Learning Australia, and Peter Murphy, National Coordinator, Adult Learners Week 2005.


Get to Know Mozart- Part 2
For those of us fortunate enough to have visited the Austrian city of Salzburg, and stand in the Cathedral where Mozart worked for some years, Mozart’s church music is indeed very special.

Friday 15 July

International Men’s Health Week
It’s more than just physical health, important though that is – in all aspects of their lives, men’s wellbeing is the focus of this live to air discussion, to mark International Men’s Health Week. Our Learning Works studio guest is Mike Evans, a men’s health worker at the Central Northern Adelaide Health Service at Davoren Park.


Get to Know Mozart – Part 3
Meet a great guy with a great voice, Teddy Tahu Rhodes. Not heard of him? Well he is a young man (actually from New Zealand) who is making his mark in Australia and internationally as a bass-baritone singer. And through him, we hear some of the music from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.

Friday 22 July

Old people have rights too!
The rights of children are much in the news these days, often through sad reminders of the abuse that many children have suffered. But people of all ages have rights, and today we look at the rights of people over 65, through the work of the Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS). The Learning Works guest this morning is Marilyn Crabtree, Manager of ARAS in SA.


Get to Know Mozart – Part 4

Friday 29 July

I want to read to my kids!
Not all adults can read and/or write. There is now a greater awareness in the community of those who do not have literacy skills, and Adult Community Education centres and other agencies around South Australia offer assistance for those adults who want to develop these skills, including those who want to share the enjoyment of reading with their children. Our studio guest this morning is Ann Brown, Manager Community Services, at the Northern Area Community and Youth Services at Davoren Park.

Get to Know Mozart – Part 5
Over the past four weeks, we have sampled just a little of Mozart’s music – an impossible task, but we trust that it has served as an introduction to some wonderful classical music. Today, we hear some of Mozart’s Horn Concerto No 4 in E flat major (K 495), with Barry Tuckwell (horn). Please note, for copyright reasons, audiofiles of this short series on Mozart cannot be placed online. However, some details of the music used will be included online later in July.


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