February 2007

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Week beginning Monday 05 February

Education and Schools
Children, Literacies and New Technologies - with Prof Victoria Carrington

Professor Victoria Carrington discusses some of the diverse and exciting texts and literacies that are emerging around new technologies and discusses the tensions that come into play as young people actively adopt and deploy them. Victoria Carrington is Professor of Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Plymouth. She writes extensively in the field of sociology of education and literacy and has a particular interest in emerging digital technologies.

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Week beginning Monday 12 February

Media, Film and Technology
February Film Review - with John McGowan

John McGowan's monthly film reviews return this week. For details of his earlier reviews, please click here.

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Social History
Heroes and Villains - Australian Comics and their Creators

If comics are for kids, it's fitting that Australia's first comic book "star" was a red-haired kid named Ginger Meggs. Ginger's antics made him the star of Sunday newspaper comics across Australia from the 1920's. Tony Ryan visits the State Library of Victoria and speaks with Kevin Patrick about some of the heroes and villains in Australia's own comics since then.

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Week beginning Monday 19 February

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Renmark Revisited - Part 1
- Picking up the pieces: A Community's Response
Many rural communities are struggling as a result of prolonged drought. In mid-January a brief but severe storm hit the SA riverland town of Renmark, significantly adding to existing community hardship. Tony Ryan visited Renmark in the following week and spoke with three members of a family whose farm was badly damaged by the storm. Through an interview recorded at the Renmark Paringa Community Centre, the program also looks at how the local and wider community reponded through emergency services and immediate practical volunteer assistance and how in the longer term, those affected by this natural disater are given ongoing emotional support and counselling to assist them come to terms with what has happened.

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Week beginning Monday 26 February

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Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Renmark Revisited - Part 2
- Picking up the pieces: Real men do cry!
Across Australia, the mens' shed movement is providing invaluable support and friendship for local men going through tough times. One such mens' group is based in the small town of Paringa in South Australia, near the bridge across the River Murray on the Mildura-Renmark section of the Sturt Highway. The Renmark Paringa Museum Community Group is yet another example of a very small but very important organisation working with rural men with real social, emotional and mental health needs.

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