December 2009

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Monday 7 December/ Friday 10 December 2009

A Learning Society
Building Literacy and Numeracy Skills in Indigenous Communities

Recently a group of staff and students from the Bachelor of Education in Adult Education course at the University of Technology in Sydney travelled to Perth for the annual conference of the Australian Council for Adult Literacy. Their focus was on literacy and numeracy studies in the context of their own indigenous communities across Australia. In this extended interview, Learning Works’ producer/presenter Tony Ryan speaks to the students about their ambition to improve literacy and numeracy skills in their own communities, and about some of the challenges they face as indigenous students studying in a tertiary institution. '

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Arts Literature and Music
A Good Read - Twilight

“Twilight… how did I ever get caught up in a teen vampire romance? It started with my daughter and her friends raving and discussing about the ‘oh so very dreamy characters.’ Edward: tall, handsome and absolutely gorgeous. Bella Swan, the luckiest girl in the world. I decided to put my name down for this book, along with 52 other intrigued readers. I’ve read quite a lot of teen fiction novels throughout my time through working in the library. I buy them for the Library Service, but am not a real fan of romance or horror. But Stephenie Meyer obviously knew what she was doing as it has became the brilliant Twilight Saga.”

So begins Natalie Cooper’s review of Twilight, another in our monthly series prepared and presented by a staff member from the Salisbury Library Service.

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