August 2009

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Monday 3 August/ Friday 7 August

A Learning Society
Communication Skills for Engineers

Dr Matthew SorellThe Australian Learning and Teaching Council Awards each year recognise long-standing contributions to the quality of student learning and improving the overall student experience.

On Monday 3 August in Adelaide, Dr Matthew Sorell a Senior Lecturer in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide will be one of a number of recipients of these prestigious awards, from South Australia’s three universities. The citation notes Dr Sorell’s work in motivating students in vibrant, interactive communities of practice that facilitate and support deep learning in the field of electronic engineering.

Last week, Learning works producer Tony Ryan sat in on a session with First Year electrical engineering students in a session with a focus on the importance of effective communication in professional practice for engineers.

Pictured above:Dr Matthew Sorell from Adelaide University

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Science and Environment
Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

If you are a Star Wars fan from way back, and if you are in Melbourne before early November, you can journey into a galaxy far, far away and discover the science behind the Star Wars films.

Genevieve FaheyStar Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination showcases more than 80 costumes, interactive displays, models and props from all six Star Wars films, together with modern technologies that offer the potential to one day make the world of Star Wars a reality. During a recent visit to Museum Victoria, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan was given a guided tour of the exhibition, to find out where science does indeed meet imagination. From Museum Victoria, our guide is Scienceworks manager Genevieve Fahey.

Manager of Scienceworks at Museum Victoria, Genevieve Fahey, in interview with PBA FM’s Tony Ryan about the Star Wars exhibition in Melbourne.

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Monday 10 August/ Friday 14 August

A Learning Society
Mental Health First Aid – Award Winning Program

Naomi Marsden, Relationships AustraliaThis program, first broadcast tin September 2008, recently won the Radio Section of the 2009 Archbishop of Adelaide Media Awards. The citation reads: for the promotion of truth, integrity and fairness in South Australia’s media, for a series of programs on mental health first aid and literacy which provide valuable information for some of society’s more marginalized people and those who actively help them.

We all know what is meant by First Aid, but a more recent initiative is the Mental Health First Aid Training program now being offered to Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres in South Australia.

“Mental Health First Aid is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves” (Mental Health First Aid Manual, by Betty Kitchener and Anthony Jorm, ORYGEN Research Centre, Melbourne).

Through Relationships Australia, Naomi Madsen (pictured) recently presented the Mental Health First Aid course at Hackham West Community Centre, to a group from several Community and Neighbourhood Houses in and around Adelaide. In this interview with Naomi Madsen and three course participants, recorded at Hackham West by PBA FM’s Tony Ryan, we hear about the beginnings of the Mental Health First Aid course, and how participants are better able then to work with clients who may exhibit signs of a mental health concern.

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Monday 17 August/ Friday 21 August

A Learning Society
Adult Learners Week at Tea Tree Gully

Across Australia in the first week of September, we celebrate adult learning in its many forms. To find out how one community will celebrate lifelong learning in early September, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan speaks with Maggie L’Estrange, Team Leader Neighbourhood Development and Youth Programs, and Melaina Tate from Tea Tree Gully Library Service, about the range of activities planned for Adult Learners Week in the City of Tea Tree Gully.

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Social History
A Day in Pompeii

Pompeii Exhibition“A fearful black cloud was rent by forked and quivering bursts of flame …. darkness fell … as if a lamp had been put out in a dark room.” Eye witness account by Pliny the Younger, of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius which on 24 August AD 79, buried the Roman city of Pompeii. During a recent visit to Museum Victoria, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan was given a guided tour of this remarkable exhibition, by Brett Dunlop, Manager, Melbourne Museum.

Brett Dunlop, Manager Melbourne Museum, talks with Learning Work’s producer/presenter Tony Ryan, at the Pompeii Exhibition at Museum Victoria in Melbourne.

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Monday 24 August/ Friday 28 August

Elizabeth ChenowithA Learning Society
Learning Journeys – Elizabeth Chenoweth

As we approach Adult Learners Week, it was a pleasure recently to meet and interview a woman with an interesting learning journey. From university student to being quite unwell and out of the workforce, to beginning again as a part-time volunteer and now working fulltime for the Community and Neighbourhood Houses Association in SA, Elizabeth Chenoweth’s journey is inspirational. PBA FM’s Tony Ryan met with Elizabeth Chenoweth (pictured) at CANH recently to record this interview for Learning Works. Website:

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Social History
Three Learning Communities in SA

Again as we approach Adult Learners’ Week 2009, Jeff Green, Team Leader with the ACE and Community Partnerships Unit of DFEEST reflects on the important role of learning communities in South Australia. From the Learning Works’ archives, we re-visit three of these innovative learning communities in this segment – The Mawson Centre at Mawson Lakes, the Milang Old School House, and the City of Marion’s Learning Festival.

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Monday 31 August/ Friday 4 September

A Learning Society
Adult Learners’ Week – An Interview with the Minister

To mark Adult Learners’ Week in South Australia (1 – 8 September), our special guest in Learning Works this week is The Honourable Michael O’Brien MP, South Australia’s Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education. (Duration approx 14 minutes)

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Justice and Legal Issues
The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools. Program 1

This is the first of a 12-part series on aspects of the law relating to young people, parents and schools. The focus in Program 1 will be to introduce some first thoughts on the “ecology” of today’s “connected kids”. Learning Works’ producer/presenter Tony Ryan interviews Dr Glenn Cupit, Senior Lecturer in Child Development in the deLissa Institute of Early Childhood and Family Studies, University of South Australia

We then look at aspects of the rights of young people and the concept of duty of care (Programs 2 – 4). This leads to some specific issues around connected kids, including mobile phones, internet safety and cyber-bullying (Programs 5 – 9), before revisiting the boundaries to the school’s duty of care (Programs 10 – 11) and finally help for parents (Program 12). The series ends on Monday 16 Nov / Friday 20 Nov.

Each program will become available online during the week of broadcast as an mp3 audiofile for download into your computer or iPod, along with a one page Study Guide to help parents and teachers make the most of this Learning Works resource.

PBA FM acknowledges the support of the Law Foundation of South Australia in the production of this Community Legal Education initiative.

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