August 2007

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Monday 06 August / Friday 10 August

Social History
Family History Week

Listeners to Learning Works two weeks ago - when our focus was on the Spanish Flu of 1919 during which my grandfather Charles Leo Kerin died in Cooma NSW – will know of the importance of oral history and other family records in preserving essential parts of our family history. Our guest today is Marie Maddocks who specialises in Family History research with the State Library of South Australia – Marie talks about just some of the resources available through the State Library to family historians, and about some of the events to be held at the State Library on Family History Day - Saturday 11 August. And there will be more about Family History in next week’s program, when we visit the National Archives of Australia office in Adelaide and find out from NAA’s Enid Woodley about some of the family history resources available to South Australians through the National Archives of Australia, right here in Adelaide.

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Media, Film and Technology
Movie Reviews

John J McGowan is back with another of his reviews of some current films - Driving Lessons and Breach. Music used in the program is from two earlier movies – Schindler’s List and Cinema Paradiso.

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Monday 13 August / Friday 17 August

A Learning Society
Learningfull Conversations

As part of Adult Learners’ Week, in the first week of September 2007, many people around South Australia will be taking part in some form of Learningfull Conversation. In some places, it might be called a Conversation Café, or even High Tea Learning. To find out about some of the interesting ways in which adults learn best, while at the same time they enjoy some good eating and drinking together, tune in to Learning Works this week. Tony Ryan speaks with Annie Payne, Development Co-ordinator at The Mawson Centre at Mawson Lakes, and to Derrick Casey, General Manager of the Regency International Centre at Regency Campus of TAFE in Adelaide. Details of all Adult Learners’ Week events around South Australia are on and follow the link to Adult Learners’ Week.

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Social History
More on Family History Resources

Last week during National History Week, we heard about some excellent family history resources at the State Library of South Australia. This week, we visit a small building in Angas Street in Adelaide that contains a virtual treasure trove of family history information relating to earlier residents of South Australia. We join National Archives of Australia’s Enid Woodley for a fascinating exploration of just some of these documents that are housed right here in Adelaide.

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Monday 20 August / Friday 24 August

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
In Conversation with Anne Deveson

By far the most talked-about interview, recorded since early 2005, was the extended interview with writer, broadcaster and mental health advocate Anne Deveson. This week in Learning Works, a repeat broadcast of this important contribution to discussions on mental health issues, particularly in the family context.

In her first book on these issues – Tell Me I’m Here – Anne Deveson recounts the story of her son Jonathan and his battle with schizophrenia. The title of her 2003 book – simply called Resilience - is the starting point for this interview which was a runner-up in the Media Section of the 2006 Dr Margaret Tobin Awards for Excellence in Mental Health.

Monday 27 August / Friday 31 August

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Child safety on the internet – a New Zealand initiative

Hector’s world is a New Zealand initiative to keep children safe on the internet. Project team member Lee Chisholm from New Zealand talks about this initiative, which can be seen online, on

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Finding that Work-life balance!

Stress seems to be a growing part of our lives these days, especially as the workplace changes so rapidly for many workers and uncertainty seems to be the name of the game. In this extract from a 2006 interview, Tony Ryan speaks with workplace trainer Michael Lloyd Scott about finding that elusive work-life balance. (Repeat)

A Learning Society
Ambassadors for Learning

This is Program 5 in a six-part series produced at PBA FM in the lead-up to Adult learners’ Week 2007. Tony Ryan speaks with Patrick Wright, Chair of the Adult Community Education Reference Group, South Australian Training and Skills Commission, and to adult educator Leanne Isaacson in rural South Australia, about a new plan to build a contingent of ambassadors for learning across South Australia.

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