April 2006

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Week beginning Monday 3 April

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Diet and prostate cancer

In this interview, Dr Graham Lyons from the University of Adelaide looks at dietary factors that can play an important role in the development of most cancers, and in particular prostate cancer. He believes that a varied diet based on vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, legumes and fish, supplemented by appropriate levels of several key anti-cancer agents (eg selenium, vitamin E, lycopene, soy, green tea, pomegranate juice, omega-3 fatty acids), along with plenty of exercise, is likely to reduce prostate cancer risk, and also to slow its progression.

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A Learning Society
So what is a Study Circle?

It's not a new idea, but it's one that still has much to offer to learners in a wide variety of settings. Learning Circles - or as they are often called, Study Circles - are small groups of people who get together to explore a common concern and aim to find ways of addressing the issue or concern. Dr Mark Brophy from Victoria University talks to Tony Ryan about Study Circles and about his forthcoming overseas visit to undertake further research on Study Circles.

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Week beginning 10 April 2006

Social History
The Church in the Vines - Sevenhill

A social history program for the Good Friday / Easter time of year. Recorded on location at Sevenhill Cellars in the Clare Valley of South Australia, the program features award-winning winemaker Jesuit Brother John May, who takes us on a guided tour of the winery and vineyards, and also gives some background history on the building of this church with its unique underground crypt, and on the seven brothers who were the winemakers at Sevenhill for well over 100 years.

The program includes material recorded at the 2006 Shakespeare in the Vines - an annual event in the grounds of Sevenhill. Some additional mp3 audio material, including an outline of the political and religious situation in Europe in 1848, will be online on or about 10 April, along with this program in full.

The church in the vines - Sevenhill - Part 1 Part 2

Ignatius Loyola and the early years of the Jesuits - Br John May SJ - mp3 audiofile.

The Jesuits leave Europe in 1848, and the foundation of Sevenhill - Br John May SJ - mp3 audiofile.

See also the 2005 Good Friday / Easter program, on the arrival of the first Lutherans in SA. Produced and presented by Tony Ryan - From Wartburg to Bowden - A Faith Journey mp3 audiofile

Week beginning Monday 17 April 2006

Health Wellbeing and Relationships
Gambling - The Real Story (Repeat)

Horse racing is often in the news. A harmless leisure pursuit? For many people, yes. But for many others, gambling is a real problem, with consequences not just for themselves but for their family relationships and family finances, and also in their wider social and work contexts. Financial counsellor Vin Glenn speaks about the real story behind many gamblers.

Media and Technology
Film Review - A History of Violence

Learning Works's film reviewer John McGowan has been to the movies - in Take Time this week, hear his review of the film A History of Violence.

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Literature and Music
Meet Colin Thiele - Part 1

For several weeks from Week Beginning Monday 17 April, hear award-winning children's author and much loved educator Colin Thiele talking about his early life, his career in education, and his work over many years as a writer. Well known for his many books, including Sun on the Stubble, Storm Boy, Blue Fin and many others, Colin Thiele was interviewed in Queensland back in 1995 by Tony Ryan as part of a national oral history project for the Australian College of Educators.

Week Beginning Monday 24 April 2006

Media and Technology
Silver Screen in the Shoalhaven

In many parts of Australia - in city and country areas - you will find an Institute Building, or as they are called in some places, the School of Arts or the Literary Institute. These buildings played a major role in our social history, including of course in many places, providing a venue for early screenings of silent movies, before the building of cinemas and the coming of the talkies. Sydney researcher and writer Robert Parkinson has recently published a book on the history of the early cinemas in the Shoalhaven region south of Sydney, including centres such as Nowra anmd Huskisson. In this program, Robert Parkinson is interviewed about this history, a microcosm of what happened in so many other places around Australia.

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Literature and Music
Meet Colin Thiele - Part 2

We continue extracts from an extended interview with educator and award-winning children's author Colin Thiele, as he reflects on his careers as a teacher and a writer. This week, his secondary schooling in rural South Australia.

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